Purlin installation

Update:06 Nov 2017

    1. Construction preparation:      (1) according to […]

    1. Construction preparation:
     (1) according to the design drawings drawn roof purlin layout layout.
     (2) roof purlin should be checked before installation of steel roof frame, 檩 pallet welding location is correct, the correct organization before construction.
     (3) supporting a round pipe bracket at both ends of the roof girder, arranging a long safety rope and the bracket tightly connected along the girder direction.
     2. Purlin construction:
     (1) When the roof purlins do a card buckle in the roof girder construction, two workers sitting on the girder, the safety belt tied to the roof rope safety ropes, pay attention to check before construction safety belts are tied.
     (2) Two workers will be stationed under the roof of the house to be installed, pulling the purlin upwards with a hand-operated hoist until the position of the beam is large and the worker tightens the purlins.
     (3) in the purlin construction should pay attention to check whether the purlins straight, purlin bolts are tightened.