Printed color coated technical characteristics

Update:20 Nov 2017

Printed color coating is the galvanized substrate after […]

Printed color coating is the galvanized substrate after the coating process after the surface printing process, the color coated surface with a variety of patterns Caitu products, the surface looks more beautiful, more beautiful, more rigid, more performance superior. According to the appearance of the building to improve the requirements, so that more and more color printing plate by people's favorite.
At present, the more widely used color coating production line is two-coating and two-baking production processes, and the two-coating coating machine is often used to set two coating heads for rapid color change of topcoats. In this production line can be achieved printing production, that is, No. 1 Coater roll veneer engraved with gravure patterns, sticky roller coating pattern will be transferred to the coating roller, the coating roller and then transfer the pattern to Printing on the strip, after drying, No. 2 coater coated varnish or transparent protective film on the surface. In actual production, many printed products are printed on a single unit. This unit is relatively simple, only one uncoiler, a printing machine, a heating furnace and a coiler. In order to print the pattern onto the coating of the coating plate, the pattern must first be etched onto a copper roll, and then chrome plated on the copper roll. As a printing roll for coating printing, the pattern on the surface is concave, Roller from the colored pulp tray dipped in paste, and then by the scraper will be out of the depression all the scraping off the paste. When the printing roller and the transfer roller contact, the pattern of paste transferred to the transfer roller, and finally printed on the steel surface. Then after the appropriate temperature of the heating drying, the pattern will be very firmly attached to the steel coating.
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Printed color coated plate looks more beautiful than the coated plate, decorative better, rich patterns, visual effects, printed color coated plate is mainly used for building interior walls, interior decoration and home furnishings.