Precautions and points for the purchase of color-coated plates

Update:21 Jul 2018

First, the choice of substrate: the substrate can be co […]

First, the choice of substrate: the substrate can be cold-rolled substrate, electro-galvanized substrate and hot-dip galvanized substrate, galvanized steel coil , should be selected according to the use of suitable mechanical properties.
Second, the choice of coating bottom: primer type and film thickness primers are epoxy resin, polyester resin, acrylic resin and polyurethane resin, generally according to the product's bottom use, use occasions, processing level, and the matching of topcoats Primer. The film thickness of the primer is usually 5 um.
Third, the color and luster of the paint: under normal circumstances, it can be selected according to the standard color of the production plant, which can shorten the workload in the early stage of production. If special color is required, the production time will be longer from the order to the color plate because the paint is firstly placed in the paint production plant and the performance is required.
Repair of damaged surface of color coated steel plate: The color coated steel plate is scratched on the surface during transportation or processing. The color of the special repair coating must be consistent with the color of the color coated steel plate and can be cured at room temperature.
Color management of color coated steel sheets: The coatings used for color coated steel sheets are produced through strict color management in the paint factory, and are also strictly measured and controlled in the color plate production plant, but due to the batch size of the coatings. Color coated steel sheets have different production times and slight variations in color. Therefore, for the same building, it is best to use color coated steel sheets produced by the same manufacturer during the same period to avoid mixing products from different manufacturers.
When used outdoors, the coating film will gradually deteriorate due to the influence of sunlight and temperature, carefully observe the surface of the steel plate, or use With a light touch of your finger, you will find a white powder. This phenomenon is the pulverization of the coating film and is inevitable.