Performance difference between color coated board and galvanized board

Update:30 Nov 2018

Hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy coating (plating laye […]

Hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy coating (plating layer containing 5% Al, 95% Zn, and trace rare earth elements) has the main advantage of better plasticity and adhesion of the coating, and is used for light steel keels of various industrial and civil buildings.

Building layer panels, corrugated panels, rolling shutters, etc.; in the home appliance and light industry, for the shell and bottom plate of various household appliances; galvanized steel is widely used in light industry, power, automotive and construction industries.

In the automotive industry, the performance difference between the color coated plate and the galvanized plate is used for the car body, the outer casing, the inner plate, the bottom plate, etc., and the corrosion resistance before and after deformation is unchanged, and the atmospheric corrosion resistance is higher than that of the conventional hot-dip galvanizing.

Many, and have good coating properties, can make the bond between the alloy layer and the coating stable for a long time.Hot-dip galvanizing is the most common and effective process for steel corrosion protection. The performance difference between color steel sheet and galvanized sheets in the construction industry.