Need to consider when choosing color coated steel

Update:14 Dec 2018

As a raw material for the construction industry, the co […]

As a raw material for the construction industry, the color-coated steel plate can be attributed to the overall performance-price ratio. Broadly speaking, the overall performance-price ratio should be equal to the sum of the performance-price ratios of the various sub-items that make up the population. Therefore, when selecting a color-coated steel plate, it is necessary to consider the various factors that ultimately determine its performance-price ratio.

The following aspects are mainly combined: (1) the steel number of the base steel plate (determining the bearing performance of the color plate); (2) The type and thickness of the substrate coating, as well as its corrosion resistance and processability; (3) the type and thickness of the coating (corresponding to the corrosion resistance of the color plate, post-forming properties, etc.); (4) substrate and coating Coordination (related to adsorption, quality after processing, etc.); (5) manufacturer and process (determining the quality of the high and low); (6) procurement costs.

The physical structure of a typical color coated steel sheet is three parts: a metal substrate, a chemical conversion film, and an organic coating. When choosing a color coated steel plate, the primary concern is its corrosion resistance, followed by processing properties, color, and pattern. The corrosion resistance of color coated steel sheets is mainly determined by the corrosion resistance of its three components.

From the current point of view, hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy and hot-dip aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate are the most excellent color plate substrates. In combination with the current supply of the building materials market, hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy substrates should be preferred, followed by galvanizing and galvanizing. Alloyed and aluminized coated substrates.

Among the many color plate coatings, polyester, modified polyester and fluorocarbon coatings are commonly used. Among them, the comprehensive performance of fluorocarbons is the best, and should be preferred. The overall performance price ratio is the standard chosen for color coated steel. Considering the various factors related to the performance price ratio, it is recommended to use galvanized aluminum substrate with fluorocarbon coating, silicon modified polyester coating or high durable polyester coated color coated steel as the roof and wall system pressure. Type panel material.