Issues to be aware of in the design of mobile homes

Update:26 Oct 2018

In the design of mobile homes, maintaining stability is […]

In the design of mobile homes, maintaining stability is a common problem. From a small plate in a component to a structural system in which the components are assembled, it is necessary to perform a stable folding at the time of design, which is a remarkable feature in the design of the steel structure. The reason for this is that the strength of the steel is high, the members made of it are often relatively slender, and the plates of the constituent members are relatively thin, so that they may be unstable under pressure. The stability of steel coil structures is common in the design of steel structures. Any part of the structure that is stressed must be carefully considered for stability.

There are several issues to be aware of when dealing with stability issues in the actual design of the mobile home:

(1) The structural calculation diagram and the actual calculation method (including the method given by the specification) should be consistent with the diagram. When the calculated objects and the simplified diagrams of the practical methods are out of place, the designer should be aware of the consequences of the differences in the diagrams to avoid accidents;

(2) The structural stability calculation and the structural arrangement scheme are consistent. The core of the problem is whether the structural arrangement can indeed provide an out-of-plane displacement constraint on the beam-column nodes;

(3) Structural stability calculation and structural design are consistent.