Several major factors affecting the selection of color-coated sheets

Summary: 1. The impact of different regionsThe main consideration for the selection of color-coated plates in different regions i...
1. The impact of different regions
The main consideration for the selection of color-coated plates in different regions is the local wind and snow load and corrosive environment.
The wind and snow load mainly considers the safety factor of the building. Although this is related to the mechanical properties of the color-coated steel sheet, it is more related to the shape and thickness of the profiled steel sheet and the connection between the board and the board (recommendations for steel sheet materials are described in the development trend). However, it is relatively difficult to quantitatively describe the corrosive environment of an area. There are many corrosion factors that affect color-coated steel sheets.

2. The impact of different industries
The use of color-coated sheets in different industries is analyzed in two aspects:

One is the outer plate of the color-coated steel plate. Under normal circumstances, you can choose according to different regions, but you must also consider the impact of the small environment. That is, whether there are corrosive media nearby that fall on the enclosure structure of the plant, such as the gas emitted by the burning boiler, sulfur dioxide dust, etc., this should be designed to consider the height of the chimney and the main local wind direction. In addition, there is also the airtightness of the workshop. It is also possible that the high temperature and high humidity and corrosive gas in the workshop will come out when it meets with cold air outdoors and condense on the color-coated board. This phenomenon should be avoided as it will accelerate local corrosion. The generation;

The second is to consider the inner plate (double-layer composite steel plate) or back paint (single-layer plate) of the color-coated steel plate. What I want to explain here is that the roof inner panel is relatively more prone to corrosion than the wall inner panel. If workers can work in this environment, it is possible to use color-coated steel plates. However, the quality of the indoor environment or the investment in environmental protection devices will directly affect the service life of the color-coated steel plate. A few years ago, Baosteel had two end users in Guangxi, both producing electrolytic aluminum. However, the service life of its color-coated steel plates is very different. One of the color-coated steel plates has been put into production for one year, and the other is still in use for more than 6 years.
(1) Non-ferrous metal smelter
Non-ferrous metal smelters (copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, etc.) are the most challenging for the service life of color-coated steel sheets. However, reasonable selection of materials, design, and environmental protection investment can ensure or increase the service life of color-coated steel plates. It should be possible to perform replacement or maintenance in 10 years.
(2) Steel plants, power plants, etc.
Steel plants, power plants, etc. can also produce corrosive media, but color-coated steel plates have long-term use experience.
(3) Machinery manufacturing industry
The machinery manufacturing industry (automobiles, steam turbines, machine tools, etc.) basically does not have a negative impact on color coating corrosion, but it should be noted that these industries may have heat treatment furnaces, boilers, etc., which will also affect the local environment. Poor handling will bring color Corrosion of coated steel sheet, especially at processing damage or cut edges.
(4) Warehousing and logistics
This industry develops rapidly and uses the most light steel. It does not corrode the color-coated steel plate itself. The choice of color-coated steel plate mainly considers the impact of the environment. Generally, such projects are concentrated in places with developed industries and heavy traffic. Is the industrial environment and coastal areas
(5) Public and civil buildings.
Beauty and durability are the primary considerations for color-coated steel sheets. Therefore, it is very important that the coating resists discoloration, pulverization, and the surface of the coating is complete and fine. Public and civil buildings pay attention to many people, and they are close to each other. Therefore, PVDF or HDP is generally used for coatings, and light colors are mostly chosen.