Measuring the life standard of color-coated coils

Summary: Many friends do not know what is the standard for measuring the life of color-coated coils? Today, I will tell you about...
Many friends do not know what is the standard for measuring the life of color-coated coils? Today, I will tell you about several standards for measuring the life of color-coated coils.

The service life of color-coated boards is measured by different standards, and the results are also inconsistent. In fact, due to the different perspectives of paint or color-coated board manufacturers and color-coated board application departments, it is naturally impossible for the measurement standards to evaluate service life to be completely consistent.

The service life of the color-coated board is analyzed on the basis of the coating structure characteristics and mechanism of the color-coated board, which essentially refers to the corrosion resistance of the color-coated board and the weather resistance of the organic coating under the actual application conditions. A unified embodiment of the effective use limit of this performance.

If the measurement standard of service limit is not uniform, the concept of service life cannot be consistent. The service life of the color-coated board is standardized by the long-term exposure test of outdoor coupons under various typical atmospheric environment and corrosive medium working conditions, and combined with the two results of the accelerated weather resistance performance test in the laboratory simulated use environment. Even the life data obtained in this way only indicates or speculates the probabilistic life under the set working conditions and environmental conditions, and there is still a gap between the actual service life of the color-coated panels in the building.

There are many types of color-coated sheets, and the types and specifications of their substrates (different metal coatings and their coating thicknesses) are no less than ten. For the same hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, the corrosion resistance life of different specifications of galvanized steel is also different. There are more than ten types of coatings for coated boards, so even in terms of the probability life of various color-coated boards obtained by arranging and combining the two categories of substrates and coatings, it is estimated that it is not a simple mathematical model.

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