Application place of color steel plate

Summary: A. Office buildings National ministries and commissions; government agencies; computer centers of financial institutions...
A. Office buildings National ministries and commissions; government agencies; computer centers of financial institutions such as banks, insurance and securities; high-end office buildings.

B. Public space Hospitals; schools; scientific research institutes; civil aviation, subway and other transportation stations.

C. Industrial buildings Standardized industrial plants; food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other plants; professional laboratories or R&D centers.

D. Commercial space Convention and exhibition center; sports venues; inside star-rated hotels

The following points should be paid attention to during the installation of the computer room wall panel

1. During the installation of the wall panels of the computer room, special tools should be used, and the construction personnel should

Check whether the tools are complete and complete, and the specific work that needs to be checked is whether the main materials and accessories are complete and in good condition. The special measuring tools should be customized and inspected and formulated. If the requirements are not met, they should be replaced and replaced in time. repair.

2. Before installation, you should clarify the scope of construction, and check whether the site conditions meet the wall installation requirements in the design and construction drawings, and whether the fire-proof, dust-proof and electrostatic shielding technology meets the conditions of use and related regulations. The following aspects need to be referred to:

(1) The distance between the wall, the working surface and the axis;

(2) Find out the distance and position of the control points against the reference plane, pay attention to the visibility;

(3) Find the distance of the installation angle against the reference surface;

(4) The level difference with the control elevation;

(5) The vertical distance from the building and the distance from each floor.

The anti-static wall panels are required to have uniform seams and no gaps, and the wall of the equipment room should maintain a vertical angle. For the vertical direction of the wall, the wall panel of the computer room with the same height or longer size as the wall should be used as much as possible, and the overlap gap of the wall should be minimized to make it close to the wall for the safety of the use of the computer room. Sex and aesthetics play an important role.