How to prevent the color plate rust

Update:11 Sep 2017

   Color coated board improper storage or improper main […]

   Color coated board improper storage or improper maintenance will cause color coated board rust and corrosion, the following small series to introduce you to prevent the color of the common color filter, teach you to maintain color coated board:
   1, it should be stored in a clean and tidy environment, to avoid corrosion of various corrosive media storage field should be flat, no hard objects and have sufficient load capacity.
   2, some types of color coated board should be placed on the rubber pad, pad wood, brackets and other devices, tied with a lock should be up, can not be directly on the ground or transport tools.
   3, the other should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, to avoid open storage and storage in the prone to condensation and temperature changes in large places. The storage location of the color coated plate should be arranged in a reasonable manner so as to facilitate the use of as little as possible to reduce unnecessary movement.