How to pick color steel purification board

Update:27 Jul 2019

The advent of color steel purification board has replac […]

The advent of color steel purification board has replaced ordinary purification board and has been widely used in the construction industry as a new type of building material. Now teach everyone to judge the quality of color steel purification board.
   First of all, judging from the price of color steel purification board, all products are one point at a price, and the natural price of high quality products will be higher. If the price is too low, it should be carefully considered. After the price comparison, the quality of the color steel plate should be observed. It is also observed from the thickness of the substrate of the color steel purification plate and the thickness of the film, which is composed of a substrate and a colored peritoneal or plated layer. The standard product substrate thickness is 0.02~0.05mm. If the thickness is high or low, it is inferior color steel plate, so don't buy it. The thickness of the film or coating is generally only 0.15mm or less, which looks very thin, so it must be judged according to the standard thickness when purchasing.
       Secondly, it is necessary to judge from the appearance image of the color steel purification board, and observe the outer leakage edge of the product. The crystal of the high-quality color steel plate cut surface is very fine, smooth and delicate to the touch, and it does not look any impurities, and the color is smooth and translucent. There is no fading and molting in the hands. The inferior color steel plate is dull and dull. It feels rough when touched by hand, and there are fine foreign particles that look dull.
       Finally, when you choose to purify the color steel plate, you should knock the product by hand, and judge the quality of the color steel plate from the sound that is emitted. The sound of high-quality color steel plates is crisp and loud. The inferior sound is more boring. Also look at the company's environment is clean and bright, we must choose a good market reputation manufacturers to buy.
       In summary, the method for judging the quality of the clean color steel plate is introduced for your reference. When purchasing color steel plates, you must use the above methods to identify them, in order to ensure that you can choose a satisfactory quality product.