How to choose color coated board

Update:27 Jul 2018

Selection of color-coated plate substrate type and colo […]

Selection of color-coated plate substrate type and color-coated plate coating weight: mainly selected according to the use, corrosiveness of service environment, service life and durability. Anti-corrosion is one of the main functions of color-coated plates. The type of substrate and the weight of the coating are the main factors affecting the corrosion resistance. The color-coated plates for construction usually use hot-dip galvanized substrates and hot-dip aluminum-zinc alloy substrates, which should be used in corrosive environments.

A substrate with good corrosion resistance and a large coating weight. In addition, when selecting a color-coated substrate, attention should be paid to the difference in corrosion resistance of the substrate incision.2, color coating plate mechanical properties selection: mainly based on the use, processing methods, degree of deformation and other factors to choose. The strength requirements are not high, and the TDC51D and TDC52D series of color-coated plates can be used when the deformation is not complicated.

When the forming performance requirements are high, select TDC53D, TDC54D, and load-bearing components to select the appropriate structural steel, TS280GD, TS350GD, TS550GD. The common deformation forms of color-coated plates are shearing, bending and rolling. The mechanical properties may change with the color coating process and storage time, which may cause creases during processing.

The overall basis for the selection of Shandong color-coated plates: mainly refers to mechanical properties, substrate type, coating weight, front coating performance, selection of reverse coating properties, use, environmental corrosivity, service life, durability, processing methods, The degree of deformation is an important factor to consider when selecting a color coated board. , front coating selection) primer) top coat) coating color difference)