Fire protection of light steel structure building

Update:01 Jun 2017

The corrosion of steel structure is a relatively slow p […]

The corrosion of steel structure is a relatively slow process, is a kind of easy to directly observe the damage from the outside to the inside, and so often paid attention to, and the fire is a sudden event, the fire is on the emergency prevention measures, if not the fire, perhaps expensive investment will play no effect. Again because the steel structure itself will not burn, so on the surface, the light steel structure construction should have good fire protection performance. As a result, people tend to harbour a chance to ignore the importance of fire prevention. In fact the fire ability is precisely a big weakness of steel structure building, steel structure building, if you encounter a fire, once the fire so that the surrounding environment reaches a certain temperature, steel will be lost in an instant the mechanical strength of 80%, caused by the collapse of buildings. 9.11 in the terrorist incident, the United States International Trade Building or Cetra Building, Gemini building collapsed instantly, because the fire caused the steel structure to lose strength. In China there are steel structure building caused by the collapse of the fire case, such as the Tianjin City stadium, Shanghai Cultural Square, fire fire fire Beijing friendship and so on, so the protection of light steel structure for fire and corrosion protection are indispensable, even more important than the fire protection.
Light steel structure building fire treatment processes and basic requirements and corrosion prevention similar, but its final process, fire retardant coating construction must be completed after the installation of steel structure, on-site brushing.
Fire treatment is divided into derusting (shot blasting / sand blasting) - paint primer - intermediate paint - painted fire retardant coating several construction steps, where the middle paint can be omitted. The steps of rust removing and antirust coating are usually done during the prefabrication of the factory, and the fireproof coating shall be painted after the installation of the steel structure in the construction site.
The fireproof paint manufacturers more level of construction is to join Cibuqi, management confusion, lack of unified standards and management and supervision mechanism, the fire department is a kind of administrative management system, no technical means to standardize the inspection and strict quality evaluation ability. The domestic fire retardant coating products have many problems, such as low fire resistance, easy to fall off, poor decoration, poor durability, etc., and there is a big gap compared with similar products abroad.