Fire color steel plate will become the mainstream

Update:26 Jan 2019

Color steel plate is a commonly used building material […]

Color steel plate is a commonly used building material in China's construction industry. It has a good application in some temporary houses, roof construction, and house partitions. However, with the increasing use, some problems of color steel sheet have also been discovered.

In recent years, due to the irregular construction and the imperfections in the selection of materials, we often hear some accidents about the construction of color steel plates, such as the fires and collapses of color steel movable rooms, and the main reason for these is the problem of material selection. . From the core color steel plate, there are many types of it, there are polystyrene color steel plates with no flame retardant effect, rock wool color steel plates with good flame retardancy, polyurethane color steel plates, glass wool color steel plates, etc. The color steel plate related accidents that occurred were mainly due to the use of polycrystalline steel as the core material of the sandwich material.

Polystyrene color steel plate has good thermal insulation, but lacks good flame retardancy. Therefore, from the perspective of safety, there is no rock wool, polyurethane, etc., but because the price of this material is relatively cheap, it also leads to The use of such products in a number of related buildings that should not be constructed with such materials has led to related accidents.
And safety is already a project that is highly valued at present.

Therefore, in the future development, in order to enable the color steel plate industry to develop healthily and rapidly, it is necessary to first regulate the corresponding market of color steel plates, avoid accidents like this, and advocate the use of fire-resistant color steel plates to ensure the construction as much as possible. Security. From this we can also infer that in the future, this fireproof color steel plate is a theme for the future!