Factors that lead to the price of high quality color steel

Update:22 Dec 2018

Corrugated steel sheet is a kind of building product th […]

Corrugated steel sheet is a kind of building product that is widely used at present. It has a wide range of applications in many industries. Under so many conditions, people are more enthusiastic about the price of color steel plate. The specific price of color steel plate, in order to facilitate the purchase of color steel plate, and the specific color plate price factor is in what aspects, how to choose a suitable color steel plate price based on these factors.

Judging from the current color steel plate market, the price of color steel plate is mainly in the following aspects: the thickness of the color steel plate, and the thickness of the inner and outer color steel plates have a great influence on the price. The plate surface form of the color steel sandwich panel is a flat plate shape or a corrugated shape, and the overlapping form between the plates is an ordinary flat mouth joint or a snap joint. The insulation material in the sandwich panel is pelletized polystyrene or insulated rock wool.

Is brand material or general material. Under these combinations, the price range of the color steel plate also has a fluctuation, so it may be that for a general person, such a price is not accurate, and it is not easy to determine the specific price of the color steel plate, and such an interval The factors can also make people better control the price of color steel plates and better purchase of color steel plates.

On the basis of this price, there are many characteristics of color steel plates. Insulation: its subtle independent bubble structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection, and it also has anti-condensation properties, making it extremely insulated with insulation materials, cold storage and other wet environments.

Sound absorption: with sound absorption Noise function; Formability: strong heat resistance, good ductility; good cushioning: it is a semi-rigid foam, which does not lose its original performance after strong impact. In addition, it is also odorless, non-toxic, chemical-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, halogen-resistant and other chemical properties, and is very easy to process, widely used in construction, civil engineering, roofing, wall insulation, insulation, Buffering, anti-condensation, waterproof, leak-proof, anti-corrosive materials.