Factors affecting the selection of color coated plates(2)

Update:09 Nov 2019

The second is to consider the inner panel (double-layer […]

The second is to consider the inner panel (double-layer composite steel) or the back paint (single laminate) of the color coated steel sheet. What is to be explained here is that the inner panel of the roof is relatively more corrosive than the inner panel of the wall. If the worker can work in this environment, it is possible to use the color coated steel sheet. However, the quality of the indoor environment or the investment of environmental protection devices will directly affect the service life of the painted steel plate. A few years ago, Baosteel had two end users in Guangxi, all producing electrolytic aluminum. However, the service life of the painted steel plate is very different. One year of production of the coated steel plate has been worn, and the other is still in use for more than 6 years.
(1) Non-ferrous metal smelter
Non-ferrous metal smelters (copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, etc.) are the most challenging years for color coated steel sheets. However, reasonable selection of materials, design, and environmental protection can ensure or improve the service life of color coated steel. It should be possible to replace or maintain it for 10 years.
(2) Steel plants, power plants, etc.
Steel plants, power plants, etc. also produce corrosive media, but color coated steel plates have long-term experience.
(3) Machinery manufacturing
Mechanical manufacturing (automobiles, steam turbines, machine tools, etc.) will basically not have a negative impact on color corrosion, but it should be noted that these industries may have heat treatment furnaces, boilers, etc., which will also affect the local environment. Corrosion of coated steel, especially at the point of processing damage or trimming.
(4) Warehousing and logistics
This industry develops rapidly, and it uses the most light steel. It does not corrode the color coated board itself. The choice of color coated steel plate mainly considers the influence of the big environment. Generally, such projects are concentrated in industrially developed and busy traffic areas. Industrial environment and coastal areas
(5) Public and civil buildings.
Aesthetics and long-lasting are the primary considerations for color coated steel sheets. Therefore, it is important that the coating resists discoloration, chalking, and the surface of the coating is complete and delicate. Public and residential buildings are concerned with many people and are close to each other. Therefore, the choice of paint is generally PVDF or HDP, and more choices are light colors.