Factors affecting the selection of color coated plates(1)

Update:12 Oct 2019

First, the impact of different regions The selection of […]

First, the impact of different regions
The selection of color coated panels in different regions is mainly based on local wind and snow loads and corrosive environments.
The snow and snow load is mainly considering the safety factor of the building. Although this is related to the mechanical properties of the coated steel sheet, it is more related to the form and thickness of the profiled steel sheet and the connection between the sheet and the sheet (recommendations on the steel sheet material are described in the development trend). Quantitatively describing the corrosive environment in an area is relatively difficult. There are many factors affecting the corrosion of painted steel sheets.
Second, the impact of different industries
The use of color-coated plates in different industries is analyzed in two aspects:
The first one is the outer plate of the color-coated steel plate. Under normal circumstances, it can be selected according to different regions, but the influence of the small environment should also be considered. That is, whether there is corrosive medium falling on the building envelope, such as gas discharged from the boiler, sulfur dioxide dust, etc., the design should consider the height of the chimney and the local main wind direction. In addition, there is also the tightness of the plant. It is also possible that the high-temperature and high-humidity corrosive gas in the plant emerges from the outside and encounters cold air to condense on the color-coated plate. This phenomenon should be avoided, which will accelerate local corrosion. Production