Composition and application of color steel plate

Update:14 Jun 2017

Color steel plate is divided into single plate, color s […]

Color steel plate is divided into single plate, color steel composite board, floor plate and so on. Color steel plates are widely used in large public buildings, public buildings, movable houses, and walls and roofs of integrated houses. Composition and application of color steel plate shared by color steel plate manufacturers.
The substrate of the 1. color steel plate can be divided into a cold rolling base plate, a hot-dip galvanized base plate and an electro galvanized substrate.
2. color steel coating types can be divided into: polyester, silicone modified polyester, PVDF two PVDF, plastic sol.
3. color plate color can according to user requirements into many types such as orange, milk yellow, deep sky blue, blue, crimson, red brick, ivory, porcelain blue.
The surface state of the 4. color steel plate can be divided into coating plate, embossing plate and printing plate.
5., color coated steel market applications are mainly divided into three parts: construction, household appliances and transportation, of which the construction sector occupies the largest proportion, followed by the household electrical appliance industry, transportation industry accounts for only a small part.
For building the color steel general with hot galvanized steel and aluminium zinc plate, mainly processed into corrugated board or with polyurethane composite sandwich board, used in the construction of steel structure workshop, warehouse, airport, freezers and other industrial and commercial building roof, wall, door.
The home color panels are made of galvanized and cold panels, which are used for refrigerators and large air conditioning systems, freezers, bread machines, furniture, etc..
The transportation industry is mainly made of galvanized and cold plate, mainly used for oil pan, automobile interior decoration and so on.
The color steel movable room has the advantages of light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful appearance, durability, etc. it is an advanced building with integration of architecture and decoration, and the installation is quick. Choi steel movable room construction clean, widely used in large span plant, warehouses, office buildings, villas, roof layer, air purification room, cold storage, shops, kiosks and temporary use. The weight of the light weight steel plate sandwich panel is less than 14KG, which can reduce the structural load and reduce the structural cost of the movable room.

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