Color tile features and Color tile application

Update:20 Jun 2017

1.The light weight 10-14 kg / m2, equivalent to the bri […]

1.The light weight 10-14 kg / m2, equivalent to the brick wall 1/30.
2.The thermal conductivity of a <=0.041w/mk.
3. high strength: can be used for smallpox envelope bearing plate, bending compression; the general housing without pillars.
4.The bright color: no surface decoration, color coating galvanized steel retention period of 10-15 years.
5.The installation is flexible and efficient: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.
6.The oxygen index (OI): 32 (province fire product quality inspection station).
Color tile application
Caigang watts equipment is mainly composed of a machine body, pressing mold, pump station, computer control cabinet, hydraulic shear, and other parts, the motor drives the chain drive, the upper and lower roller rolling, then through computer control the length and number of control systems. Its wide range of uses:
1、 all steel structure workshop frame
2、single-sided color steel plate, steel structure workshop
3 、 multi span steel structure workshop
4、with wooden crane beam workshop
5、 villa type color steel plate office room
6、even cross color steel plate ceiling
7、the roof plus layer
8、large span workshop
9、light steel structure, ring shed and so on log on to our official website for more details :