Color steel plate material introduction - alloy steel

Update:25 Dec 2017

    Alloy steel. High-quality alloy steel is the need t […]

    Alloy steel. High-quality alloy steel is the need to control the quality and performance in the production process, but its production control and quality requirements are not as good as the special quality alloy steel strict alloy steel. High-quality alloy steel including the following steel:
General engineering structure with alloy steel;
Alloy steel;
Electrical silicon (aluminum) steel (non-permeability requirements);
Railway alloy steel;
Geology, oil drilling alloy steel;
Sulfur content, phosphorus content (mass fraction) greater than 0.035% of wear-resistant steel and silicon manganese spring steel.
Special quality alloy steel is the need to strictly control the chemical composition and the specific manufacturing and process conditions, in order to ensure the improvement of overall performance, and to strictly control the performance within the limits. Cai Tuban, Choi plate, Caitu volumes, Caigang special quality alloy steel mainly include the following steel:
Pressure vessel alloy steel;
Heat treated alloy steel
Heat treated geology, oil drilling alloy steel;
Alloy structural steel;
Alloy spring steel;
stainless steel;
Heat-resistant steel;
Alloy tool steel
High-speed tool steel;
Stores bearing steel;
High-resistance electric steel and alloy;
Four non-magnetic steel
Hoard permanent magnet.
Alloy steel according to the main performance and characteristics of use:
    Alloy steel is classified according to the main properties and use characteristics:
   The engineering structure is made of alloy steel. Color coated steel plate, color steel plate, color coated coil and color steel coil include general alloy steel for engineering structure, alloy steel bar, alloy steel for pressure vessel, alloy steel for geological and petroleum drilling, high manganese wear-resistant steel and so on.
   Alloy steel is used in mechanical structure. It includes quenched and tempered alloy structural steel, surface coated aluminum zinc hardened alloy structural steel, cold plastic forming alloy structural steel, alloy spring steel and so on.
   Round stainless steel, corrosion resistant and heat-resistant steel. Including stainless steel, steel, steel, acid resistant and heat resistant steel antioxidant; according to the microstructure can be divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic steel, a chain type precipitation hardening steel.
   Chisel tool steel。 It includes alloy tool steel and high speed tool steel. Alloy tool steel for measuring and cutting steel, Sichuan shock resistant tool steels, cold die steel, hot die steel, non-magnetic die steel, plastic die steel etc.. High speed: Die Steel for W-Mo high-speed tool steel, high-speed tool steel and cobalt tungsten series high speed tool steel.
   Bearing steel。 It includes aluminum zinc coated high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel, non magnetic bearing steel and so on.
   Special physical properties of steel. It includes soft magnetic steel, permanent magnet steel, non magnetic steel and high resistance steel and alloy and so on.
   Other: Such as alloy steel for railway.