Color steel plate application

Update:10 Aug 2019

The market for color steel plates is mainly divided int […]

The market for color steel plates is mainly divided into three parts: construction, home appliances and transportation. Among them, the construction sector has the largest proportion, followed by household appliances, and transportation accounts for a small portion.
        The color steel plate for construction is generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate and hot-dip aluminum-zinc plate as the substrate, mainly processed into corrugated board, or polyurethane composite sandwich board, used for the construction of steel structure factory, airport, warehouse, freezer and other industries. Roofs, walls, doors, etc. of commercial buildings.
        Home appliance color plates are generally based on electro-galvanized and cold plates for the production of refrigerators and large air-conditioning systems, freezers, bread machines, and furniture.
        In the transportation industry, electroplated zinc and cold plates are generally used as substrates, and are mainly used for oil sump and automobile interior decoration.
Color steel plates are mainly used in the roofs of some factories and warehouses, which are widely loved by everyone. Color steel plates have broad market prospects.