Color steel coil anti-corrosion treatment method

Update:29 Dec 2020

This news is mainly about the anti-corrosion treatment […]

This news is mainly about the anti-corrosion treatment of color steel coils. The editor of Aoguan tells you: The height of the anti-corrosion characteristics of the color steel coil design plan is the top priority for subsequent improvement. It involves the color steel coil Many issues such as cost, durability, performance indicators, and maintenance fees.

Color steel coil

Color steel coil anti-corrosion treatment method! Usually the solution level is shot blasting and shot blasting. Shot blasting method: Shot blasting and sand blasting process each other to form a shot blasting method. The actual effect of the shot blasting method on metal surface treatment is very significant. The color steel coil manufacturer, but the grinding range is relatively large, so the thin plate is very easy to deform. The actual effect of sandblasting is the best, and it is suitable for metal surface treatment of various steel parts.

Fully mobilize the thermal insulation of the color steel coil flat roof, especially in the relatively cold winter, pay special attention to the environmental humidity of the thermal insulation material and the connection between the metal roof and the next layer structure to improve the actual effect of the flat roof reflection surface .

Color steel coils are such cost-effective raw materials for flat roofs and walls. It has played a key role in the development trend of Chinese-style buildings towards comfort, lightness, durability, economic development, and environmental protection. Color steel coil aluminum alloy has the advantages of moderate compressive strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, and ease of sheet metal bending and welding processing, and the flexibility of the overall color of the engineering building. At the time of color selection, high purity graphite gray is preferred. The board can repair the cracks on the surface caused by installation.