Color plate some of the details of the treatment

Update:25 Sep 2017

   First, the rivets at the leakage of water Maintenanc […]

   First, the rivets at the leakage of water Maintenance methods: the application of sunshine one-component waterproof coating 4 times, the thickness of about 1.5mm or so, the diameter of 50-60mm or so, the next time brushing a coating is not sticky prevail, and more than once Coated with a large diameter, was thick in the middle of a thin circle. So that the rivets will not leak.
   Second, the color of steel plate joints Leakage method:
   1, can be painted at both ends of the width of 60mm wide sunlight 2000PA single component waterproof plastic, seam near 20mm does not apply.
   2, non-woven fabrics, cloth width 150mm, paste in the painted sun 2000PA waterproof plastic above.
   3, in the non-woven or glass fiber cloth brushing 3 times, brushing again after the width of 50mm, thickness of about 1.8mm. After a brushing above a coating is not sticky hands prevail.