Color coating commonly used in the following five kinds of technology

Update:23 Feb 2018

     (1) Phosphating process for steel, zinc and alumin […]

     (1) Phosphating process for steel, zinc and aluminum;
     (2) For the complexation oxidation process on the zinc layer;
     (3) Chromizing process for aluminum and aluminum-zinc alloy layers;
     (4) Chromic acid phosphating process on aluminum;
     (5) Chromium-free acid for aluminum process.
     These conversion films are washed and aftertreated after they are generated to remove surface residues. The majority of conversion film processes are post-treated with chromic acid. Chromic acid-free process post-treatment with an organic matter.
     In the continuous unit to cold-rolled strip, galvanized steel (galvanized and hot-dip galvanized) as the substrate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing and school processing), with roll coating method, coated with one or more liquid Coatings, after baking and cooling the resulting sheet is coated steel.
     In general, the chemicals used in degreasing of the coil color-coated panels are generally versatile in a variety of processes, but the chemicals handled by the conversion membrane are different thereafter. Pretreatment process in general its distinction.