Color coated steel

Update:11 Dec 2017

Generally speaking, the difference is not great, but ac […]

Generally speaking, the difference is not great, but according to the meaning of the text, the color coated steel plate is a color steel plate, the color steel plate belongs to the type of the pressed steel plate, the press steel plate, the color steel plate, the galvanized steel plate, Magnesium manganese plate
Color steel: is cold-rolled, plated (aluminum) zinc substrate on the surface of the color, formed after baking, you can press. Compression steel plate: steel plate in the pressure-type equipment, the formation of concave and convex pattern, after painting more difficult to shape.
According to the actual needs of our country now have a wide range of color coated steel doors and windows, the rational use of resources, so that building doors and windows can be multi-color multi-level, multi-level development strategy and to save energy as the leading direction of development.
Colorful doors and windows have the following major features:
(1) color coated steel doors and windows with 0.7 mm -1.0 mm thick color plate strip by 32 automatic profile rolling mill continuous rolling;
(2) color coated steel doors and windows hermetic up to I-II level, watertight up to I level, the intensity generally up to I-level, can be used in the 30-storey building.
(3) has a strong weatherability, color plate doors and windows installed on the building in general the same life with the building;
(4) decorative, color coated steel doors and windows with colorful rich colors and buildings to match the overall effect. Choi plate doors and windows with pure polyester lacquer finish, so it has anti-UV function, you can do not fade 15-20 years, 10 years without maintenance and repeated maintenance. Choi Lam composite window available, the greater its superiority, inside and outside the window can be used in two colors;
(5) a wide range of applications. Whether it is in a large area of civil buildings, or in a variety of public buildings have their uses. The deformation of the main bar is very small; sliding window plus, the next fixed type can be done about 1.8 meters, these advantages are not comparable to other windows;
(6) high strength and weather resistance made of high quality steel doors and windows, applied to 20-30 floors can solve the lightning problem.