Guidelines for the selection of color coated panels for buildings

Update:23 Oct 2017

   The use of color coated board is generally divided i […]

   The use of color coated board is generally divided into three categories: building, transportation, household appliances shell, and the building color coating board occupies a large part, followed by household electrical appliances industry, the proportion of transportation is relatively small. Building color coated with hot galvanized steel and aluminium zinc plate, mainly processed into corrugated board or with polyurethane with sandwich board, mainly used in the factory building, warehouse, airport, freezers and other industrial and commercial building roof, wall, door. Home appliances color plate is generally galvanized and cold plate as the substrate, commonly used in the refrigerator shell or enterprise large air-conditioning shell, freezer, bread machine, furniture and so on. Most of the substrates used in transportation are galvanized and cold plate, mainly used for oil pan, automotive interior trim and so on.
   Generally speaking, building color plates than appliances with higher strength steel substrate, corrosion resistance, this is because the construction of color coated sheet is usually subject to a part of the structure, the working environment in the outdoor environment, service life is relatively longer, so it is necessary to have high strength and corrosion resistance.
   For example, using high strength steel with color coated steel construction (G345, G550), and home appliances with color plates generally used ordinary strength steel (G275); building color coated substrate by hot galvanized or hot-dip aluminum zinc, and home appliances with the commonly used galvanized or galvanized cold-rolled plate; construction the color coated plate with PVDF coating are more resistant to corrosion (service 20-25), home appliance with color steel plate with PE coating (service 7-10).