Color and gloss options for printed color coated coatings

Update:07 Aug 2017

    Printed color coated coating is made of baking synt […]

    Printed color coated coating is made of baking synthetic resin coating, used in the outdoor, due to the sun, the temperature and the impact of rain, the coating will gradually deteriorate, carefully observe the steel surface, or gently touch your fingers, You can find a white powder exists. This phenomenon is the powder coating, which is inevitable. But the choice of different types of paint, can delay the occurrence of powdery years. In addition, in different regions such as coastal areas, industrial areas and rural areas such as the use of different. Once the coating powder and cracking and other corrosion, it should be re-painted to extend the service life.

   Under normal circumstances can be based on the standard color of the production plant to choose, which can shorten the pre-production workload. If you want a special color, because the paint first in the paint production plant sample configuration, and the performance to meet the requirements to produce, so from the order to print color coated plate production time will be longer. The surface gloss, the larger the value, the higher the gloss, the light and matte used in the building, between 30 and 55, as measured by the 60 ° reflection angle. This is because the high gloss paint for the building on the sun's strong reflection, glare; if indoors, at night in the light easily lead to visual fatigue.