Classification of color coated plates by technical means

Update:08 Jan 2018

Physical and chemical testing, chemical testing technol […]

Physical and chemical testing, chemical testing technology is produced by physical and chemical, physical and chemical inspection by using the measure only for juice, only tables and test equipment or chemicals and test methods, test methods for product testing and obtain test results. Physical and chemical examination usually can get numerical quantitative physical test is the use of the principle of physics and a variety of testing equipment for color coated plate, color steel plate, roll coating, steel roll and its physical quantity in power, electricity, sound, light, test for physical and mechanical properties of the heat under the action of. Physical inspection is in machinery, electronics, electrician, light textile, building materials, pressure vessel, railway, ship. One of the most widely used product quality inspection methods in aviation, aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical and other industries. In a certain sense, the physical test can be understood by the instrument.
The physical tests can be divided into 6 categories according to the differences in the principle of inspection and the means of testing.
National scale test. Measure the quality characteristics of the product (such as geometric quantity, mass, flow viscosity, density, etc.) by using the gauge and weighing device.
Optical inspection. By using optical instruments to detect the optical properties of the products, their physical, chemical properties, components, defects and so on are obtained.
Heat fixation test. The thermal properties and parameters of aluminized zinc products under certain temperature change were determined by using thermal instrument, such as melting point, freezing point, boiling point, flash point, ignition point, thermal conductivity and cold resistance of glass, plastic, petrochemical, food and metallurgical products.
The test of the electrical property. Electrical properties, such as current, voltage, resistance, electric power, capacitance, inductance, frequency, power factor and dielectric constant, are measured by electrician, electronic instrument and proper measurement.
Mechanical properties test. The mechanical properties of products subjected to various external forces can be measured by physical and mechanical equipment, such as tension, compression, impact, vibration, fatigue, hardness, etc.
Other specific physical performance tests. Such as nondestructive testing, acoustic detection.
Chemical bolt inspection is the use of chemical reagents and test instrument and test method of the color coated plate, color steel plate, roll coating, steel roll, chemical products and aluminum zinc content by determination of chemical examination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, according to the different analysis methods can be divided into two class:
Chemical analysis. A test based on a chemical reaction.
Instrument analysis. With the aid of special purpose instruments, the components of the measured substances can be obtained through physical properties or physical and chemical properties such as the optical properties of potash samples (solid and liquid), such as absorbance spectral line length, electrical and electrochemical properties (current, potential and conductance).