Building color coated board purchase knowledge and advice

Update:19 Jul 2019

The use of color-coated plates is generally divided int […]

The use of color-coated plates is generally divided into three categories: construction, transportation, and home appliance casings, while architectural color-coated plates occupy a larger portion, followed by home appliance industry, and the proportion of transportation is relatively small.
        The color-coated plates for construction are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and hot-dip aluminized zinc-plated steel sheets. They are mainly processed into corrugated sheets or with polyurethane sheets. They are mainly used in industrial construction and construction, airports, warehouses, freezers, etc. The roof, walls and doors of the building. Home appliance color plates are generally based on electro-galvanized and cold plates, and are commonly used in refrigerator casings or enterprise large air-conditioning enclosures, freezers, breadmakers, and furniture. Most of the substrates for transportation use electro-galvanized and cold plates, mainly used for oil sump and automotive interior parts.
        Generally speaking, the color-coated plates for construction have higher strength and corrosion resistance than the color steel plates for home appliances. This is because the color-coated plates for construction are usually part of the stressed structure, and the working environment is located in a complex outdoor environment. The service life is also relatively long, so it is required to have high strength and corrosion resistance.