Architectural Features of Modern Steel Structures

Update:18 Sep 2017

   A high degree of pre-engineering, construction costs […]

   A high degree of pre-engineering, construction costs, shorter duration
   The steel building construction modulus harmonized standard realizes the large-scale production of the construction industry, and improves the pre-engineering of the building, so that the different materials, different shapes and different manufacturing methods of building components have a certain degree of versatility and interchangeability. At the same time, the pre-engineering of steel structure makes the material processing and installation integration, greatly reducing the construction cost; and speed up the construction speed, so that the duration can be reduced by more than 40%, thus speeding up the real estate developers cash flow, Earlier put into use.
   Architectural and structural design and functional integration make the building more functional
   In the steel structure, the structure becomes an important factor in the image composition, the structure of the body, components, nodes to a large extent lead to and constrain the image of the building. Architecture and structure design and function can only be integrated, in order to make the building more functional so that the subsequent design of the various links to continue to create a technology and art integration of steel structure. Beijing Olympic Games National Stadium bidding program in many programs are reflected in the steel structure of this feature. For example, Tsinghua University Architectural Design Institute can open the open-style program, the stadium in the center of the roof set two semi-circular glass top, while the relative rotation, parallel sliding to complete the opening and closing of large roof; another example is the China Architecture Design Institute The appearance of the program is the structure of the building, the image is pure and pure, the function and structure to achieve a perfect unity; and the Japanese Zhu will be set up architectural firm designed folding program, the roof by the cantilever steel frame structure can be completed in 30 minutes Open and close the action to ensure that the annual competition and activities from the weather.
   Steel construction can meet the requirements of ultra-high and super-span
   Steel is homogeneous, close to the isotropic homogeneous body, high strength, high elastic modulus is also high. Its density and strength ratio is much smaller than the masonry, concrete, wood, in the same force under the circumstances of the steel structure of small weight, which can be made of large span and high height of the structure and flexible structure. Now humans have the ability to build super-high dome with a span of more than 1000 meters and a high-rise building with a height of more than 1000 meters up to 4000 meters. And the combination of cable and membrane structure to form a cable membrane structure system to meet the requirements of the building to span, so that this type of building into a landmark building.