Anti - corrosion coating operation of steel structure engineering should pay attention to the operation process

Update:21 Aug 2017

1, the process:     Base surface cleaning → primer coat […]

1, the process:
    Base surface cleaning → primer coating → finish coating → inspection and acceptance
2, base surface cleaning:
   1) construction steel structure of the paint coating should be installed in the steel after the acceptance of qualified. Paint before brushing, should be painted parts of the rust, weld dressing, welding spatter, oil, dust and other debris clean up.
   2) base surface cleaning rust quality is good or bad, is directly related to the quality of the coating is good or bad. So the coating process of the base surface rust quality is divided into primary and secondary. Steel derusting quality grade:
   1) steel surface exposed metal color sandblasting, shot blasting, pickling
   2) steel surface allows the retention of clean rolling skin general tools (wire brush, emery cloth) clear
   3) In order to ensure the quality of coating, according to different needs can be selected the following derusting process:
   Spray grade quality standard rust method sand rust, it is the use of compressed air pressure, continuous use of quartz sand or iron sand impact steel surface, the steel surface rust, oil and other debris clean up, revealing the quality of metal A method of derusting. This method is efficient, rust completely, is more advanced technology of rust.
   Pickling rust, it is to be painted steel components immersed in the acid pool, with acid to remove the surface of the oil and rust. The use of pickling process is also high efficiency, rust more thoroughly, but after pickling must be washed with hot water or water components, if there is residual acid, the components of the corrosion will be more severe.
   Artificial rust, is by hand with some relatively simple tools, such as scraper, wheel, emery cloth, wire brush and other tools to remove the rust on the steel components. This method is inefficient, poor working conditions, rust is not complete.